Decathlon of Hwa Rang Do® (Black Belt Magazine – Sep 2014)

New Form of Standup Competition is the Final Element Needed to Evaluate All-Around Martial Arts Skill!

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Hwa Rang Do®’s Weapon Fighting (Black Belt Magazine – January 2014)

Grandmaster Lee's task at hand: modernize hwa rang do's sword method for more modern appeal while preserving expression, uniqueness and safety.  No easy task, surely -- but Lee is no ordinary martial artist.

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Extreme Hwa Rang Do® Aerial Kicking (Martial Arts Combat Sports – May 2002)


This Korean Art Hwa Rang Do’s Aerial Kicks Push the Human Body to Find The Maximum Range of Physical Expression.

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Danbong – Short Stick (Black Belt Magazine – March 2003)

Descended from an Ancient Musical Device, It is Now a Signature Weapon of Hwa Rang Do

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Taejoon Lee Hwa Rang Do®’s Golden Child (Black Belt Magazine – July 2001)

It is an article on how Grandmaster Taejoon Lee has come of age and Prepares to Lead the Korean Art into the New Millennium!

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Kick Illustrated – January 1984

Interview and Feature on Grandmaster Taejoon Lee in his youth, when he was attending the University of southern California teaching at the World Headquarters and the foundling of the Hwa Rang Do Intercollegiate Society. This was his first Cover Story.

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The 20th Century Prisoners – Knights of Present Longing For Warrior Past (Inside Kung Fu - April 1986)

In this Cover Story as one of the very few Traditional Korean Martial Artists to grace it's cover, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee discusses the hard realities of trying to live as a Hwarang Warrior in the Modern World.

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The Invincible Sulsa Warriors (Black Belt Magazine - June 1986)

In this Cover Story, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee introduces the Sulsa Warriors who were the elite core of the Hwarang who practiced Am-ja “way of darkness” or stealth, espionage, and chaos.

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Defend, Takedown, Submit! Hwa Rang Do®’s 3-Stage Fight Formula (Black Belt Magazine - Feb 2006)

In the self-defense world, the hot topic is mixed martial arts. In this eclectic arena, almost anything goes when it comes to techniques. The nonstop action has drawn in a whole new generation of competitors and spectators. Long before TV cameramen pointed their lenses on the octagonal ring, however, an art of countless possibilities and similar guiding principles bloomed on Korean soil.

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