Achieving Focus and Clarity In The Midst Of A Chaotic World

This is the first podcast I did for Elite Marketing Pro. Click on this to hear the Audio Recording


April 14, 2016


Discover Your True Path

This is something I prepared for a podcast I did for Elite Marketing Pro, April 2016. You can listen to it here: Hope you enjoy :) Discover Your True Path (Audio Recording) I have been teaching now for over 35 years and have taught tens of thousands of people all over the ...


April 8, 2016


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be courageous and open your heart so that love finds you. And, when it does, prove you're worthy by giving up everything! Finally and most important, trust in God and surrender to Love... Happy Valentine's. My last words... "We can fall in love with what we want, but we can't fall in love with ...


February 13, 2015


Can you be strong yet not courageous?

Strength and Courage: It takes strength to be certain, It takes courage to have doubts. It takes strength to fit in, It takes courage to stand out. It takes strength to share a friend's pain, It takes courage to feel your own pain. It takes strength to hide your own pain, It takes courage to show it and ...


February 9, 2015


Harmony = Grandmother

Hello Everyone; First, Happy New Year of the Sheep! Suppose to be the year of luck & fortune. I wish you all the very best in the new Year. I have been absent for a while and thought I would restart my blogging by sharing with you my eulogy for my grandmother ...


February 7, 2015


A Dedication to My Hwa Rang Do Sons & Daughters.

Sigh… Oh how time has flown. It has already been 17 years since I first opened this school and with the help of my loyal pupil converted it from a tattered, left for dead Tae Kwon Do school, to a beautiful majestic space where my students and family can call it ...


July 12, 2011


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee End of 2010 Message

There is much to be thankful this past year, as we have successfully celebrated our Golden Anniversary and accomplished the goals we have set for ourselves. The uniformity and standardization of art has given clear identity to our group, empowering all of us with pride and unity. Our ...


December 30, 2010


A Hwarang’s Reflections on his Journey Toward Happiness

This might be hard to stomach for some people: “Nobody needs you. Seriously, you’re not that important.” Often we are stressed and burdened heavily with the idea that without us, our family, our loved ones, our business will collapse. The truth of the matter is all things and all people are replaceable. ...


October 20, 2010


The Karate Kid Re-make Banking on America’s Ignorance

"Man should not follow money. Money should follow man" - Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee, Hwa Rang Do Founder . I have had the privilege of being able to travel to many countries throughout the globe. Each country I have been to all had the similar martial arts history. ...


June 16, 2010


Year of the Tiger – Grandmaster Taejoon Lee’s New Year’s Message

Hope everyone had a nice holiday break, rekindling familial bonds and sharing the joys of love and friendship. For those of you who followed my 2009, Year of the Ox, New Year’s Message of hard work indicative of the ox, you should now be in good shape to spring into action.  ...


January 29, 2010